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Applicability of the Gencline Process

Obstacle induced preferential dispersion (OIPD) can be used in a broad range of applications. In general it is applicable to particulate separation, stratification, concentration, purification and product recovery. The Gencline process is based on a unique patented technology that can be implemented with solid-liquid and solid- gas separations. In addition to versatility, the method has distinct advantages over other conventional methods.

Potential Applications:

Biotechnology & Bioseparations

Biomass Processing


Microfluidic Separations


Waste Water Processing

Potential Replacement Process for:

While the OIPD process can be applied to a very large range of applications, it is not always the best solution. In general, OIPD is not practical where low cost processes provide acceptable results. The true advantage lies in applications where conventional processes are expensive, provide marginal results, or are hampered by the shortcomings of the conventional methods.   

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